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Any medical laser procedure can be a bit intimidating at first. Learn more about Pain-Free, HairFree™  here, so you’ll feel completely comfortable with the procedure.
Is it for safe for all skin types?
Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ is for everyone. It’s safe for all skin types, hair types and most hair colors. It can even be used on tanned skin. The bottom line is – if you have hair where you wish you didn’t, Pain-Free, Hair-Free is for you. Pain-Free, Hair-Free’s Soprano®XL laser has provided permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide, safely, and successfully since it was cleared by the FDA in 2005 and Soprano XLi is the next generation device.
What areas of the body can be treated?
Patients seek treatment for almost any body part, including legs, arms, bikini line, back, abdomen, face, or neck.
How many treatments will I need?
There are several factors that can affect the success of a series of hair removal treatments, but generally, after each treatment, you’ll see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that regrow in the treatment area. Typically, it will require 4 – 6 treatments or more to permanently reduce the number of regrowing hairs by more than 80%, six months after the last treatment.
Will my hair ever grow back?
The short answer is no. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow new hair. However, there are invariably a few hair follicles that manage to partially escape the laser during each treatment. Some of these follicles may be only stunned and will need to be retreated.
Do I need to plan for time off, after treatment sessions?
No. Pain-Free, Hair-Free requires no “down time” or recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work or school immediately.
Is it painful?
Most people find Pain-Free, Hair-Free very comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients often describe the sensation as soothing as a “hot stone massage.” If you find it otherwise, talk with your doctor or laser technician.
How much does it cost?
Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatment costs vary by location. A general pricing is included on the website. Please schedule an appointment at our office and ask for a quote for areas not covered in the list. Compared with a lifetime of shaving, waxing, or plucking, Pain-Free, Hair-Free can be a worthwhile investment in both time and money-savings.
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