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Skin Treatment

VASCULYSE: The procedure uses small electrical currents to produce heat in the treated tissues. It is non-
invasive and does not harm the surrounding normal tissues.

What you can expect?


We say with confidence, “Seeing is believing”.
Other benefits include:
  • Leaves little to no redness
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Individualized treatments
  • Suitable for most skin types
Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ breaks the mold of previous laser hair removal systems. The system’s unique IN-Motion™ technology, along with the sweeping motion of the laser, safely and gently heats the targeted area under your skin while a patented DualChill™ mechanism ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment. The sweeping motion also eliminates any skipped or missed spots common to other types of laser hair removal.
What are the treatable concerns?
Skin tags
Broken capillaries
Ruby points (Cherry angiomas)
Cholesterol deposits
Spider naevi
How much does it cost?
Price depends on volume of lesions and the time needed. Number of sessions depend on the type and size of the lesions and the time taken thereupon:

15 minutes: $60
30 minutes: $100
45 minutes: $140
MightyIQ Inc.
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